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  This morning, in clear weather, sunny. We#39;re a family to public plazas kites.

  Dad took a balloon, it is small in kite behind tail and used to increase its resistance. Mom with the hand a kite, I tightly pulling a line. Dad shout loudly 1: "put." Mother will hasten to kite into the air. Kite flying high in the air, pian-pian flying, we cheerily Shouting, on the square desperately to run.

  The sky is so many kinds of kites. Kite kite, butterflies have bats, etc, they all birds kite flying in the air cheerily.

  I wish I were that fly freely in the blue sky kite!






  Then suddenly winter vacation is nearly the past think of the interesting things, I will keep smile.

  That is the annual lunar calendar, we will to the public to have a meal. Go to, I also brought a brain teasers.

  Ten more minutes, aunt they didn#39;t come, so I said to them: "aunt, let#39;s play the game of brain teasers?" Aunt nodded without any hesitation, promised to me. So I said, "the title out by me, you guess, I give you, but I will not give the answer. Wrong to stick a piece of white, guess the prize for something to eat. Everyone has to guess, if you don#39;t guess who, also want to stick to white." The game started, my first question is the "what cannot eat" see aunt, aunt, brother and sister are sitting in a chair, frowned, you look at me, I look at you, silently say something. At this moment, I saw my brother stood up from his chair, said to me: "the nature is the broken rice oh." I came to him, his brother#39;s shoulder, and said to his brother: "congratulations, answer wrong" I put a note posted on my brother#39;s face, immediately, brother long out of a white beard. Others see brother, think again, and for a long time, also have no answer, I said: "now give you a hint, a unit of length." At this time, the elder brother stood up again, said: "I know that is contributing."

  I say: "true cleverness, right!" Brother said: "that my white pick." I smiled and said: "amends, line."

  This winter holiday, I had a great time, especially the game.







  Winter vacation passed, winter vacation memories there#39;s plenty of fun, now think really funny.

  Once, when mother cook shout: "qian qian, no salt in the home, go and buy a pack of." I say: "good." I ran forward holding money wholesale shop bought a bag of salt, hurried home. One not careful, he was tripped by a sharp stone, the packing bag of salt was worn out, sprinkle all over the floor. I hurriedly knelt down to pick up salt, pick it up, but is dirty, this is going to do this? At this time, next door to grandma zhang take the laundry out to dry. I am a brainwave, ah! Why were not

  At home, I took out a basin filled with water, the salt into the water, the floating above the dirt pick it out, pick up clean, is satisfied, hand into the bowl with a touch found salt. I started to cry "blare... how salt is gone?" Mother came to dry my tears, said: "what is wrong with salt is gone!" I take after spoke 1 time, mother laughed said: "you see mother to become a magic."

  Mother set fire, pour brine into the pot. I looked curious but not a layer of white salt came out for a while, I smiled and said: "salt salt change out! Out!" Will, all the water dried up, and turned to salt. Touch my head to ask: "what is this?" "Qian qian you see, this is you to explore!" Mother said with a smile.

  This day is really fun!